15 Outfit & Hair Ideas Gacha Life( Read Description )

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Clearer Explanation: I changed my name for iii_BlurristSunflower to BerryWolfix Ediyz because I had waited 90 days. The rule is only 3 name changes are allowed in a 90 day period. I decided to change my name again because I didn’t like it. Since I only changed it once to BerryWolfix, I knew I was allowed to change it two more times before I had to wait 90 days. But it didn’t let me change my name even though I only change it once. I’m not sure why, but I’ll have to wait another 90 days...Until then, no intro. BerryWolfix will not be my permanent name , I’ll change it to ŚłęępÿLøvęłį Ędįtż.
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